Cruise Terminal

Antalya Cruise Port is located at QTerminals Antalya, a multipurpose port with separate harbors for cruise ships, container ships and bulk cargo vessels, as well as a yacht marina. Given its proximity to Antalya, a major international airport, a wide range of hotels and a variety of important archaeological sites such as Aspendos, Perge and Side, the port has all the appeal necessary to be a key homeport on the Mediterranean. Antalya is the number one holiday destination in Turkey hosting over 110 million tourists yearly.

Cruise operations began in 2010 and transformed Antalya into a new turnaround hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Moreover, given the capacity and convenience of its own yacht marina facilities, QTerminals Antalya also plays a key role in domestic and international yacht tourism in the Turkish Mediterranean.

QTerminals Antalya has three cruise piers totaling 510 m in length, a 1,830 m2 passenger terminal and a 990 m2 luggage area which serves cruise passengers. QTerminals Antalya hosted 13,842 passengers in 2009, and thanks to the promotion of the port as a turnaround hub, this number increased significantly to around 200.000 passengers in 2015. The primary objective of the Company was to position QTerminals Antalya as a turnaround hub in the Eastern Mediterranean. Following the start of turnaround operations for Aida Cruises in 2010, and TUI Cruises in 2012, the port’s cruise traffic increased ten-fold.

QTerminals Antalya provides pilotage, tugging, mooring, sheltering, security, fresh water supply and waste collection to cruise ships, as well as full terminal services including luggage operations. A recipient of the prestigious “Most Improved Terminal Facilities” award in 2011, QTerminals Antalya offers top-quality services to ensure that passengers enjoy their cruise to the fullest.

  • City Guide
    • Must See
      • Aspendos Ancient City Aspendos Ancient City
      • Hadrian's Gate A triumphal arch located in Antalya
      • Kurşunlu Waterfall Nature Park A nature park to see
      • The Tazı Canyon The Tazı Canyon
      • Mount Chimaera Mount Chimaera
      • Olympos Beach Olympos Beach
    • Short Trips
      • Konyaaltı Beach (2 Hours)
      • Cable Car Tunektepe Teleferik (3 Hours)
      • Antalya Museum (Antalya Müzesi) (1 Hours)
      • Saklıkent Ski Center (Saklıkent Kayak Merkezi) (6 Hours)
      • Discover Kursunlu (6 Hours)
      • Cape Gelidonya (4 Hours)
  • Passenger Services
      • Free Wifi
      • Cafe
      • Car Park
      • Taxi Station
      • Bus Station

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