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We were born to generate a steady and lucrative revenue stream for our shareholders.

We were born to give back, and be part of the international growth, through dedication, determination, and one unwavering objective.


Port and Terminals

QTerminals Antalya is a multi-purpose port providing cruise, container, general cargo, bulk cargo, project cargo, drilling shorebase and military ship services and is one of the highest development potential ports in Turkey. It is the largest organized port on the coastline of about 700 nautical miles between Izmir and Mersin.

QTerminals Antalya is a high-capacity commercial port with a dominant position in export traffic for its hinterland is located at the west coast of city town. The port is connected to important industrial and tourism centers such as Burdur, Isparta, Konya, Mersin, Denizli, Muğla, Afyonkarahisar by highways. Positioning itself as a major regional turn-around hub for the cruise operations.

As QTerminals Antalya, considering the increase in trading volume, we have initiated many additional investments and new applications to enable our importers and exporters to load and unload without any problems and continue investments in full force.



QTerminals Antalya manages a high level of container traffic. This is increasing every year along with global container traffic. It provides services such as loading/unloading, lashing/unlashing, stuffing/unstuffing and so on.

The main container cargo types are as following

  • Marble
  • Cement
  • Fertilizer
  • Chemicals
  • Paper
  • PVC
  • Barite
  • Furniture
  • Forest Products
  • Seafood
  • Others



General Cargo

QTerminals Antalya offers a range of services for general cargo ships that meet cargo handling standards. Marble, big bag and sling bag cement are among the major general cargo products carried by QTerminals Antalya.

Bulk Cargo

QTerminals Antalya provides bulk cargo services for all kinds of liquid, bulk, and solid bulk cargos that are not packaged or that generally require mechanization or equipment for loading and unloading in accordance with all relevant legislation.


Project Cargo Services

QTerminals Antalya can provide services at its docks for factory installation materials, industrial projects, and similar projects. The main project cargo handled includes wind turbines, factory supplies, and crane materials.

Storage Services

Providing open & closed storage/warehousing services to our valued clients;QTerminals Antalya Provides;1.260 m² indoor storage facility in the customs bonded area for temporary storage requirements.Totally 16.579 m² warehouse including a state of art closed warehouse of 6.729 m², fully equipped with administrative building, weighbridge, sprinkler, ventilation system, CCTV systems, and security.Various adjustable concrete open yards for temporary cargo storage solutions.


CFS Operations

  • Container Loading/Unloading
  • Container Storage
  • VGM (Verified Gross Mass)
  • Single Weighing
  • Lashing/Unlashing
  • Dunnage
  • Marble Storage
  • Fumigation
  • Reefer Services
  • Labeling
  • Inspection
  • Sampling
  • X-Ray


Container Repair Service

QTerminals Antalya provides repair maintenance service in compliance with the internationally accepted IICL-5 standards in container repairs as well as spare parts supply service to all container lines that serve at the port.

In addition, original spare parts and accessories are kept in stock for container maintenance and repairs, which are offered by the expert technical team employed in the workshop, which has a modern and technical infrastructure within the port area. Containers that have been repaired and maintained are reported daily, together with their visuals, by competent staff in possession of the IICL-5 container surveillance certificate.


Machinery and Equipment

  • 4 Cranes (Rubber Wheels) With A Capacity Of 100 – 150 Tons
  • 9 Crane Groups With A Capacity Of 5-80 Tons
  • 6 Crawler Cranes (80-60-15-7-5-5 Tons)
  • 25 Forklifts From 3 To 33 Tons
  • 7 Loaders From 3 to 28 Tons
  • 2 Empty Side Lifters
  • 6 Stackers 40-45 Ton
  • 17 Pulling Clamps with 3m3 to 36 m3 Capacity Used in Bulk Cargo Handling
  • 150 m3 3 Bunkers Used in Bulk Cargo Handling
  • 2 Site Cleaning Vehicles
  • 1 Flatbed Trailer
  • 1 Pan Trailer
  • 22 Tow Trucks (Trailer) 55 Tons
  • 32 Attachments
  • 4 Dust Suppression Equipments


Marine Services

  • Main Services

Tugboat, Pilotage and Mooring Services

Marine services department provides 24/7 non-stop safe and reliable pilotage, tugboat and mooring services to all foreign and Turkish flag vessels.

  • Additional services :

We provide marine pollution prevention sea barrier service to vessels under refueling and bulk pollutant cargo operations and security barrier service to military ships berthing at our docks.

  • Communication with the pilot
    • Antalya Pilot Call & Operation is on the VHF Channels 12
    • Our pilot station is announced "Antalya Pilot"
    • Mobile Phone:+90 533 594 53 20
    • E-mail: pilot@QTerminals-Antalya.com
  • Pilot Boarding Point:
    1. 36º 50' 28" N – 030º 37' 20" E
    2. 36º48' 02,5" N – 030º 36' 44" E (for tankers)
  • Our Capabilities
    • 4 Marine Pilots
    • Our experienced tugboat and mooring crew team
    • 1 Tugboat with 45 bollards pull tons
    • 2 Tugboats with 30 bollards pull tons
    • 1 Pilot Boat(New)
    • 2 Mooring Boats 

Antalya Port Anchorage Areas

a) Anchorage Area 1:  Anchorage area for ships not carrying dangerous goods and military ships

b) Anchorage Area 2: Anchorage area for ships that do not carry dangerous goods and will stay anchored for a long time

c) Anchorage Area 3: Anchorage area for ships carrying dangerous goods, nuclear powered military ships and  quarantine

  1. 36º 50' 00" N – 030º 38' 00" E
  2. 36º 49' 30" N – 030º 37' 02" E
  3. 36º 48' 42" N – 030º 36' 30" E
  4. 36º 48' 21" N – 030º 36' 53" E
  5. 36º 48' 42" N – 030º 38' 00" E
  1. 36º 52' 42" N – 030º 41' 06" E
  2. 36º 52' 42" N – 030º 42' 00" E
  3. 36º 51' 48" N – 030º 42' 36" E
  4. 36º 51' 48" N – 030º 41' 06" E
  1. 36º 47' 00" N – 030º 35' 00" E
  2. 36º 47' 36" N – 030º 35' 18" E
  3. 36º 47' 36" N – 030º 36' 42" E
  4. 36º 47' 00" N – 030º 36' 42" E



QTerminals Antalya as the increase in trading volume, considering our importers and exporters for seamless loading and discharging and to perform additional investment and continues to invest so many new applications launched in full force. QTerminals Antalya has an average annual capacity of 1,500 ships, 4 million tons of general & bulk cargo and 350 thousand TEU containers.

Port Trade Mark QTerminals Antalya
Offical Company Name Ortadoğu Antalya Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş.
Un Place Code Of The Port Trayt-0005
Container Capacity 350,000 TEU
General & Bulk Load Capacity 4,000,000 Tons
Passenger Capacity 600,000 PAX
Shift Hours Worked 24/7 3 shifts (00:00-08:00 / 08:00-16:00 / 16:00-24:00). Break time: 30 minutes per shift.
Number Of Docks 9
Total Dock Length (Cargo Terminal + Cruise Docks) 1.117 Metres
Ship Maneuver Area Diameter 400 Metres
Port Entrance Depth 12.00 Metres
Port Water Depth 10.00 Metres
Allowed Safe Draft 9.50 Metres
Water Density 1.025 Gr/Cbm
Number Of Reefer Container Sockets In Terminal 216 Units
Closed Warehouse 1.260 M2
Container washing and PTI station Available
Workshop Service is provided within welding, repair and support services.
Freshwater Replenishment 20 Ton / Hour
Distance, duration and restrictions of the pilot on board 0.6 Nautical miles outside the breakwater and about 10 minutes transportation time, no restrictions.
Limitations On Hazardous Materials To Be Stowed In The Terminal See the detailed hazardous materials guide.


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