Quality and Sustainability


QTerminals Antalya has adopted the principle of increasing profitability and efficiency in the light of the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals it has determined and within the framework of its management principle.

Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction Policy

In the light of the mission, vision, values, and strategic goals it has determined and within the framework of the management principle, QTerminals Antalya (Ortadoğu Antalya Liman İşletmeleri A.Ş.) has adopted as its basic principle to increase profitability and efficiency, to keep customer satisfaction at the highest level by providing quality service to its customers, and to ensure the continuity of all these principles.

Within the scope of the Quality Management System and Customer Satisfaction Management System, which it established to strengthen its position in the port sector in line with national and international norms and which were given TS EN ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 10002:2006 certification respectively by the TSE,

  • It responds to the technical and economic demands of our customers on time and at the desired quality level, thus ensuring continuity of communication with the customer and customer satisfaction,
  • It ensures that the services offered at the port can be provided at a professional level,
  • It creates a suitable manoeuvre area for the cargo and the ship in the operational process of the services given to the passenger and the cargo,
  • It continuously improves the effectiveness of Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction in accordance with the needs determined in accordance with the purpose of the Company,
  • It ensures that the principles of Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction are adopted and accepted by the employees,
  • It meets the training needs of the employees, whom they see as the most valuable resource, to increase their qualifications and professional experience in order to transform quality awareness into a corporate culture,
  • It supports the strategic direction of the organization in accordance with its purpose and context, it determines the quality objectives,
  • It enables our customers to transmit all their requests and complaints quickly and easily through all our communication channels, it demonstrates a customer-oriented, fast, objective, and attentive attitude while fulfilling these demands and complaints,
  • It offers solutions in the process of handling complaints by reviewing them taking into consideration the principle of personal data protection and confidentiality in light of created policy and objectives and in compliance with legal requirements,
  • It ensures that all activities and all services provided are carried out in accordance with legislation and in a way that fulfills customer requirements, in line with safe, secure, and environmental protection standards.

Environmental and Energy Management System Policy

QTerminals Antalya is aware that it carries out operations that impact the natural environment given its sector and field of activity. It has adopted the principle of carrying out operations that minimize the possible short- and long-term environmental impacts that may arise in connection with the operations it carries out, while at the same time protecting the regional, national, and international environment by ensuring that energy is managed correctly.

Within the scope of the Environment Management System and Energy Management System, which it established to strengthen its position in the port sector in line with national and international norms and which were given TS EN ISO 14001:2015 and TS EN ISO 50001:2011 certification respectively by the TSE,

which is why, in the name of protecting Antalya's environment and correct energy management, QTerminals Antalya

  • has adopted a working approach that seeks ways to protect natural resources by minimizing the environmental impact of its operations.
  • It has a structure that complies with national and international environmental and energy legislation relating to all activities carried out in the enterprise, adopting best practices and standards in matters not regulated by laws and regulations.
  • With the service policy provided by using technologies that will not cause environmental pollution, it has adopted the principle of maximizing the effective use of energy by increasing energy efficiency and managing energy expenses with a professional understanding.
  • The main agenda of its process-based analyses, which are revised every year, is to reduce the use of products and services that are likely to cause pollution to the environment and to eliminate them as much as means allow.
  • The main goals and real objectives of the enterprise include the prevention of pollution, sustainable resource use in the context of the organization, prevention of climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to energy management, and protection of the marine environment ecosystem.
  • All public and private sector persons, legal persons and business partners, customers, QTerminals Antalya employees, and all members of society all bear the responsibility for producing solutions in the name of protecting the environment by acting together.
  • To effectively implement the QTerminals Antalya Environmental and Energy Management System Policy, all employees guarantee that they are familiar with these rules and regulations, and when necessary, these rules are supported by training with areas of responsibility and obligations being allocated to each unit.

Health and Safety Policy

QTerminals Antalya has adopted the following Health and Safety Policy as a principle, in line with the work it carries out in accordance with ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System standards. Health and safety are of paramount importance among all other activities, and efforts are made to carry out the safest operations, on land or at sea, by complying with the rules introduced by legislation.

QTerminals Antalya management acts with the awareness that providing a safe working environment for third parties using the port by sea and land and reducing unnecessary losses and liabilities that may occur are among its primary objectives. QTerminals Antalya Management is looking for ways to avoid work-related health problems and accidents. To this end, it has developed a Health and Safety Management System. The important point here is to determine the health and safety risks and to explain these risks to employees and third parties using the port as clearly as possible and take precautions.

QTerminals Antalya Management acknowledges that employees are the most important resource/factor in the fulfillment of Health and Safety Policies. It acts with the awareness of an organizational structure and responsibility that has continuity in terms of creating a healthy and safe working environment culture for its employees.

QTerminals Antalya General Manager is the highest authorized person when it comes to the purpose and implementation of Health and Safety Policies. Other department managers report to the General Manager and are responsible for monitoring the fulfillment of Health and Safety Policies, implementing them in the workplace, keeping records when necessary, and reporting periodically.

In the implementation of these rules, management must ensure:

  • Health and Safety should be considered a priority in the planning, operation, and decision-making processes.
  • All transactions should be processed with the best methods, techniques, and practices in accordance with all Occupational Health and Safety legislation (laws, regulations, and regulations) in force in our country, taking into account the exigency of the laws.
  • All security hazards have been identified within the scope of risk assessment and existing risks have been reduced or eliminated as means allow. The risk assessment is reviewed annually and can be revised during the year if conditions change.
  • All employees have been duly informed and trained and have a solid grasp of the subject of Health and Safety. In addition, the necessary leadership and guidance are provided out by the relevant units and qualified personnel.
  • It is the common responsibility of all our employees to comply with the occupational health and safety rules in the environment where they work, to inform their immediate supervisor of any negative situation, and to provide added value by taking part in Health and Safety exercises.
  • Effective cooperation, consultancy, and communication channels are available between management, port users, and employees to ensure, review, improve, and protect safety.
  • In the event that any employee has any concerns/trepidation regarding the Health and Safety Policy, the necessary environment has been created and supported for them to share the issue with the necessary authorities in good faith without trepidation.
  • The procurement and design of all infrastructure and superstructures, ships, goods, supplies, and materials must meet the necessary safety and health conditions and comply with high-level safety rules.
  • QTerminals Antalya management has ensured that its personnel work in a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment, taking into account the situation and conditions of the port.
  • All accidents, safety incidents, and events are carefully investigated.
  • According to the business plan, health and safety objectives should be addressed holistically across management, partners, and departments. Duties and responsibilities need to be allocated to certain management levels to achieve the intended goal.
  • The Safety Management System is monitored, reviewed, and compared at specific intervals.
  • Sufficient resources plus available and necessary expert support have been provided to be able to implement this Policy, and synergy and cooperation have been created with the help of consultants.
  • The Health and Safety Policy will be reviewed annually and the annual reports will be kept and published following performance evaluation.
  • QTerminals Antalya Health and Safety Policy regulations and procedures are shared with the relevant institutions and organizations in written and visual form.

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